Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (2023)

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Setting your students up for success means so much more than teaching daily lessons and hoping students do well on assessments.

You need to teach the information and then provide effective ways for your students to review what you’ve taught!

Some teachers like to create customized study guides and booklets for their classes, but that takes a lot of time and effort outside of school hours.

That’s why so many teachers consider using Quizlet, an online study tool, to save time when helping students prepare for tests!

But before you jump right into adding a new tool to your classroom, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of Quizlet to help decide if it’s right for you and your students.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the biggest pros and cons of using Quizlet to make your decision a little easier.

However, before we jump in it’s important to answer one other question -- what exactly is Quizlet?

What Is Quizlet?

Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (1)

Quizlet is a web-based application developed to help students study information through interactive tools and games.

Quizlet’s mission is to help students (and teachers) practice and master what they’re learning.Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (2)

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In Quizlet, information is organized into “study sets” that users like teachers or students add to their accounts.

When using Quizlet, students log in and choose the appropriate study set for the concepts they need to review. These can be created by a teacher or generated by other users.

Because of the flexibility and customization available, Quizlet can be used in any grade level and any type of class.

That means whether you’re a middle school career readiness teacher or a high school health science teacher, Quizlet can help your students study.

Now that you have an idea of what Quizlet is and how it works, let’s get into the benefits it provides to you and your students!

3 Pros of Using Quizlet

Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (3)

Overall, Quizlet can be a great tool for you and your students for three reasons:

  1. You can easily differentiate review for your students
  2. You can incorporate collaboration and teamwork into your classes
  3. Students have another way to prepare for tests

1. Quizlet Helps You Differentiate Review for Your Students

Quizlet has seven standard study modes that help students review in the way that works best for them:

  1. FlashcardsA quick way to review terms and definitions, just like paper-based flashcards
  2. Learn A personalized study mode based on how well you know information in a study set
  3. Write A fill-in-the-blank style study tool
  4. Spell A study mode that dictates a term or definition that you must correctly type
  5. Test An easy way to quiz yourself on how well you know information in a study set
  6. Match A time-based game where the student must match terms and definitions
  7. Gravity A level-based game where the student must answer correctly before being hit by an asteroid

When you create study sets for your students, you decide which modes to use based on how your students learn best.

Some study modes, like Flashcards, include text-to-speech audio prompts that help ELLs and students with IEPs learn and remember information.

You can also include images and diagrams as needed to provide better context for your students.

With all of these options, you’re creating a customized way for your students to review information, without you having to do a lot of extra work!

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2. Quizlet Helps You Incorporate Collaboration and Teamwork Skills

It’s not always easy to teach collaboration and teamwork skills, but with Quizlet you can do it while helping students review.

Quizlet Live is an in-class game that teachers can use to help students review information while working together in teams.

The game randomly sorts students into teams to match terms and definitions, and the first team to correctly answer all of the questions wins!

Quizlet Live is fully focused on accuracy over speed. If a team answers any question wrong, they have to start over from the beginning.

This ensures your students’ competitive spirit won’t override the need to answer correctly.

3. Quizlet Helps Students Prepare for Tests

Ultimately, the other pros of Quizlet tie into this final benefit: Quizlet helps students prepare for tests!

With the engaging study tools and differentiation options available, your students have so many different ways to study information when using Quizlet.

Instead of having to look through notes, fill out worksheets, and create paper flashcards, they can just log in and start studying!

On top of that, if your students have a mobile device, they can download the Quizlet app to review information anytime, anywhere.

That means your students will have more flexibility to study what they want, when they want, and in the way they want.

Talk about the perfect way to set students up for success on test day!

But no study tool is ever perfect.

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So now that we’ve shared the three biggest benefits of Quizlet, it’s time to talk about the cons.

3 Cons of Using Quizlet

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Though Quizlet is designed to help students learn information, there are three specific drawbacks that can impact your student’s learning:

  1. Students can get distracted by ads
  2. Students could learn incorrect information
  3. Students may use Quizlet to cheat

1. Students Can Get Distracted by Ads on Quizlet

If you and your students use the free version of Quizlet, you’ll see ads on every page of the website.

Some ads are easy to ignore, but they can be overbearing. These ads are actually designed to distract your students away from learning.

You can upgrade to the paid version of Quizlet to remove the ads, but that may not fit into your classroom budget when there are more important things to purchase!

2. Students Could Learn Incorrect Information on Quizlet

Because Quizlet allows any user to create and share a study set, there is no guarantee the information is accurate.

If a student logs in and chooses a set created by someone else, there’s a possibility they could accidentally study incorrect information!

One typo in someone else’s cards could lead your student to studying the wrong information, miss questions on a test, and get a low grade they didn’t expect to receive.

Though you can instruct your students to only use the sets and games you’ve created, students can still come across other ones on their own.

3. Students May Use Quizlet to Cheat

If you create Quizlet sets for each assessment in your class, you’re providing excellent resources for your students.

But dishonest students may take advantage of those study tools to cheat on their homework and assessments.

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Even though Quizlet doesn’t allow cheating or academic dishonesty, some students will push the boundaries and find ways to cheat.

It’s as easy as a student Googling a homework question, finding a Quizlet set, and copying the answers straight from the website.

In fact, it’s so easy that it may not even feel like cheating. Students might just want more information on a certain topic and stumble upon direct answers to their homework.

Cheating isn’t a problem unique to Quizlet, but it’s one of the most common issues for teachers using this tool.

To curb cheating with Quizlet, you can adjust the settings of your study sets or change the wording of your questions.

But there’s no way to keep other users from posting the information found on your assessments.

You can request for Quizlet to remove content that has been used for cheating, but even after the set is taken down, another one could pop back up in a matter of hours!

With these three pros and cons, there’s still one question left to answer -- should you use Quizlet?

Should You Use Quizlet?

Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (5)

When it comes down to using Quizlet, it all depends on the balance of pros and cons you’ll get from using it.

If you want to provide a customized study tool for your students to memorize and review specific terms and concepts, Quizlet could be perfect for you.

But if you start to notice a suspicious pattern of exceptionally good grades and word-for-word answers, it may be time to cut Quizlet from your teaching strategy.

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While this decision is ultimately up to you, you can always ask other teachers for their thoughts!

Click below to jump into the AES Educator Community and see what teachers across the country say about Quizlet.

Pros & Cons of Using Quizlet in Your Classroom (6)


Why should teachers use Quizlet? ›

You can also use Quizlet in language learning to foster students vocabulary and enhance their overall grasp of the target language. Create interactive flashcards focused on specific language terms and invite students to work on them individually or in groups.

Is Quizlet a good learning tool? ›

With a decent free account and plenty of advanced features in the Plus version, Quizlet is a great tool for students or anyone looking to learn. For all these reasons, Quizlet is an Editors' Choice product among online learning services. It's also one of our top-rated online learning services for kids.

How does Quizlet benefit students? ›

Quizlet can figure out what material you're struggling with and just focus on that. It can also verify what you know and coach you to only stop studying when it thinks you're ready.” Recently, they launched Quizlet Live for students to work in teams during class.

How can Quizlet be used in the classroom? ›

Quizlet is a simplistic app that takes seconds to get to grips with. Ultimately, it is an app that enables children and teachers to create digital 'study sets' or 'flashcards'. You simply type in your questions or 'Terms' and your answers or 'Definitions'.

What is the disadvantages of Quizizz? ›

Cons: The special stuff is limited to school/district plans. Challenging to sift through the content library. Bottom Line: More than a quiz tool: With Quizizz you can create interactive learning experiences, but you'll need a school subscription.

What can teachers see on Quizlet? ›

See how students study

For each of your Quizlet sets, you'll get a detailed view of which students have started or completed their study sessions — and those who might need more encouragement. You can also check their highest scores on Test, Match and Gravity.

What is a major advantage of using a questionnaire Quizlet? ›

Questionnaires are less costly and are advantageous for geographically dispersed samples. Questionnaires offer the possibility of anonymity, which may be crucial in obtaining information about certain opinions or traits.

How can Quizlet help teachers? ›

Quizlet is a global learning platform that provides engaging study tools to help people practice and master whatever they're learning. Teachers can sign up for a free account or subscribe to Quizlet Plus for teachers to enhance study materials and use formative assessment capabilities to track student progress.

What is Quizlet classroom? ›

an interactive learning activity (Quizlet Live) in the traditional classroom. Quizlet Live is a collaborative classroom game that instructors can use to review content or to preview new material as a means for encouraging metacognitive learning.

How do you use Quizlet effectively? ›

Here are seven tips to help you study better on Quizlet.
  1. Star terms to focus on concepts you're struggling with ⭐️ ...
  2. Swipe through flashcards on the Quizlet app 📱 ...
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts ⌨️ ...
  4. Make classes and add your friends 👥 ...
  5. Take advantage of the pretesting effect with Test ✍️ ...
  6. Study entire folders 🗂
Feb 11, 2021

Is Quizlet good for students? ›

If students need to memorize facts, Quizlet is an ideal tool that removes some of the drudgery while adding some handy features. Teachers can ask students to use Quizlet on their own time as homework or to create their own custom flash card sets for Quizlet Live competitions.

Is Quizlet good for learning vocabulary? ›

Quizlet is very useful for students' self-assessment, it not only increases the students' vocabulary, but increase their motivation and confident in speaking by using what they learnt.

Is Quizlet user friendly? ›

Quizlet then converts that information into six different study modes in a user-friendly and intuitive format, making it useful for any type of learner, from visual to auditory to reading/writing and even kinesthetic learners.

What is Quizlet for teachers? ›

Quizlet helps teachers engage students of all levels through curriculum-based materials, interactive study methods and games. Sign up - it's free. Download our teacher guide.

What are the features of Quizlet? ›

Quizlet is a gamified online learning tool and flashcard solution which provides teachers with a range of learning materials, classroom games, and study sets. The web-based platform also offers native apps for iOS and Android, allowing students to learn and study from anywhere at any time.

Does Quizlet save your learning progress? ›

Your study progress syncs across the website and Quizlet mobile apps so you can keep studying, no matter where you are. Log in to your account. Select Progress in the left sidebar. Select Sets, Classes, or Folders.

What are the benefits of using Quizizz in the classroom? ›

Quizizz is self-paced so each student gets a chance to answer without feeling rushed. Students also see questions on their own devices, can have questions read-aloud to them or opt for a preferred language so they feel empowered to answer to the best of their ability.

What are the benefits of using Quizizz? ›

Quizizz is a Learning platform that offers multiple tools to make a classroom fun, interactive and engaging. As a teacher, you can create lessons, conduct formative assessments, assign homework, and have other interactions with your students (for all grades) in a captivating way.

Are quizzes effective for learning? ›

Quizzes help students identify what students know and what they don't know. This helps teachers to understand where students need help. After a quiz, students have a better idea of how well they grasp the material. This will (hopefully) motivate them to study more.

What can teachers see on classroom? ›

Teachers in your classes can view your name, photo, and email address. Other students in your classes can view your name and photo. Guardians connected to your account can view your name and photo.

Can people see what you studied on Quizlet? ›

Quizlet study sets are public by default*, and you can adjust your set's visibility.

How much does Quizlet cost for teachers? ›

Quizlet is free to sign-up to and start using. For teachers, it's charged at $34 per year to get some extra features, such as the ability to upload your own images and to record you own voice – both powerful options if you want the freedom to create your own study sets from scratch.

What are some pros and cons of survey usage quizlet? ›

Cons - cost, response rates slipping, need to have short surveys. Questionnaires filled out by respondents with no interviewer present. Pros - respondents can take their time, good response rates. Cons - respondents often take a long time, researcher might overcomplicate the survey since respondents have more time.

What are main advantages and disadvantages of using questionnaires? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Questionnaire
It is easy to plan and executeIt allows respondents to change their previous answer if it contradicts the after answers
Respondents can select their own language and versionIt cannot be used for illiterate and small children
3 more rows

What are disadvantages of quizzes? ›

Let's dissect those drawbacks.
And the drawbacks?
  • Inhibit high level cognitive and evaluative skills.
  • The quiz might be testing a user's logical and interpretative skills rather than knowledge acquired.
  • Can restrict insights into how complete an understanding a learner has gained due to the element of chance involved.

What are negative questions Quizlet? ›

When writing a survey, researchers must avoid negative questions, which are defined as questions that: ask a respondent about what he or she does not think rather than what he or she does think.

What is one disadvantage to using questionnaires Quizlet? ›

The data from questionnaires tend to be limited and superficial. This is because they need to be fairly brief since respondents are unlikely to complete and return a long and time consuming questionnaire. This limits the amount of information that can be gathered from each respondent.

What are the disadvantages of kahoot? ›

Although “Kahoot!” games are not used to thoroughly teach material, the way it reviews material is too dependent on time given to answer the question and teacher discussion regarding wrong answers.

What are three disadvantages of using a questionnaire? ›

12 Disadvantages of Questionnaires
  • Incorrect Feedback. ...
  • Reluctance Towards Sensitive Topics. ...
  • Ignorance of Questions. ...
  • Neglects Emotions. ...
  • Different Interpretations. ...
  • Survey Fatigue. ...
  • Lack of Accessibility. ...
  • Superficial Responses.
Jun 5, 2020

What is advantages and disadvantages? ›

A disadvantage is the opposite of an advantage, a lucky or favorable circumstance.

What is the main problem for questionnaires quizlet? ›

However, a problem with questionnaire is that respondents may lie due to social desirability. Most people want to present a positive image of themselves and so may lie or bend the truth to look good, e.g., pupils would exaggerate revision duration.

Why should we not use why questions quizlet? ›

"Why" questions can cause discomfort. Too many questions together give too much control to the interviewer and can put the client on the defensive.

What is negative feedback associated with quizlet? ›

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. mechanism of homeostasis, where a change in stabilization of a set point that triggers a response that counteracts the initial change. POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Feedback that tends to magnify a process or increase its output from the set point. STIMULUS.

What is a questionnaire pros and cons? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages and Disadvantages of Questionnaire
It is easy to plan and executeIt allows respondents to change their previous answer if it contradicts the after answers
Respondents can select their own language and versionIt cannot be used for illiterate and small children
3 more rows
Mar 9, 2022

What are the pros and cons of a survey questionnaire? ›

What are the pros and cons of conducting a survey?
  • Pros: It's easy to do and quick to create. It has a wide reach. It saves you money on research costs. ...
  • Cons: Survey fatigue could lead to response bias. Making the wrong questions can lead to inaccurate data. Respondents may skip answers or quit in the middle of a survey.

What are the disadvantages of paper surveys? ›

The primary disadvantage of paper surveys is that it requires higher labor and financial investments. This is especially true if your organization is fully managing the survey process in-house. However, you can avoid this downside by working with reputable survey companies.


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