Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) | NCSBN (2023)

The NCLEX uses CAT to administer the exam. CAT is a method that merges computer technology with modern measurement theory to increase the efficiency of the exam process.


How many questions is the ATI adaptive CAT test? ›

The maximum number of items for both the RN and PN exam is 145 rather than 265 and 205. The total test time for both the RN and PN exam will be five hours rather than six and five, respectively.

What is a good score on ATI CAT? ›

55% and Pass

The science of a CAT works out in a way that the test taker is supposed to get every other question wrong. That means a passing CAT score could be slightly over 55%. This is a strange feeling; this is likely the first exam you've taken that a score of 55-60% will be a passing score.

How do you score computer adaptive testing? ›

The score is not based on the number of questions answered correctly, but on the “level” of difficulty of questions the test taker reached. Because of variable starting and stopping points, an adaptive test is very efficient, requiring the test taker to answer fewer items compared to a traditional test.

How does computerized adaptive testing CAT choose items for individuals taking the test? ›

In computerized adaptive testing (CAT), the items in the test are selected sequentially from a pool of calibrated items while the person takes the test. After the response to an item in the test, the person's ability estimate, θˆ, is updated. The next item is selected to be optimal at the last estimate.

What level is 70% on ATI? ›

My understanding was that anything below a 70% is below a level 1... And that in order to score a level 3, you practically have to have a 90-95%.

Are adaptive tests harder? ›

Adaptive tests employ question banks that contain hundreds of unique questions, making it very unlikely that any two candidates will see the same questions. This means CATs are harder to cheat, ensuring the integrity of the results.

How hard is 90 percentile in CAT? ›

A: 90 percentile is not difficult to score in CAT. A large number of students start scoring 90 percentile in mock tests by the time CAT exam nears. However, the journey from 90 to 99 percentile is tough.

Is a good CAT score enough? ›

A good percentile/score for CAT 2022, can be defined as one that helps you get admission into your dream college or university. For most candidates, a 90 percentile in CAT or above is an excellent score. But, for some, a 95 percentile would not be enough, especially when seeking admission into the top 3 IIMs in India.

Are adaptive tests fair? ›

Precise & Fair Scoring

Although each test-taker may see different items, they are scored on a percentile basis that accounts for the difficulty of questions. This shows instructors each student's ability level. Likewise, it gives employers a fair comparison of each candidate's qualifications.

How do you pass system test cases? ›

However, every test case can be broken down into 8 basic steps.
  1. Step 1: Test Case ID. ...
  2. Step 2: Test Description. ...
  3. Step 3: Assumptions and Pre-Conditions. ...
  4. Step 4: Test Data. ...
  5. Step 5: Steps to be Executed. ...
  6. Step 6: Expected Result. ...
  7. Step 7: Actual Result and Post-Conditions. ...
  8. Step 8: Pass/Fail.
May 27, 2021

Which of the following is a limitation of computerized adaptive tests? ›

In a Computerized Adaptive Test, the ability to review past items during testing is generally disabled. This is due to a vulnerability where a test-taker could purposely answer the first questions wrong to potentially receive an easier test and then go back to correct the initial answers.

Why is CAT considered a tough test? ›

CAT is among the toughest exams in India and is divided into three major sections. These sections are verbal ability, Data Interpretation and reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Both the verbal ability and quantitative aptitude section has around 34 questions each. Whereas the DILR section consists of 32 questions.

What are the pros and cons of computerized testing? ›

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Adaptive Testing

The advantage of computer adaptive testing is that it can consistently move that horizontal line to get a more granular level of understanding about one's skill level. The downside of computer adaptive testing is that it can be stressful on the test taker.

What is a good score on ATI BoardVitals adaptive exam? ›

At the end of the exam, you will see your results. Our research shows that BoardVitals users are prepared to sit for their board exams when scoring in the 65-75% range.

Is ATI testing hard? ›

Many test takers have found the Reading and English section to be moderately difficult. However, many TEAS takers vouch that the Science and Math section are more complex and challenging. The timed nature of the exam can be difficult for some.

How do you successfully pass ATI? ›

Tips To Help You Pass The ATI Exam:

Take practice tests: You should be able to access practice tests through ATI, typically through something called Learning Systems. This is the best way to prepare for the exams. It makes sense that if ATI created the exam, you should practice using ATI practice questions!

Is a level 2 on ATI good? ›

Scores meeting the Proficiency Level 2 standard can be considered to exceed minimum expectations for performance in this content area. Scores at this level were judged by the content expert panel to indicate a student as fairly certain to meet NCLEX-RN standards in this content area.

What is the hardest admission test? ›

Here's the list of the top toughest exams in the world:
  • Gaokao Exam - China.
  • IIT JEE Exam (Joint Entrance Exam - Indian Institute of Technology) - India.
  • UPSC Exam (Union Public Service Commission) - India.
  • Mensa - England (found)
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) - United States.
Dec 20, 2022

Which type of test is most difficult to score? ›

While essay and short-answer questions are easier to design than multiple-choice tests, they are more difficult and time-consuming to score.

Why are tests hard with ADHD? ›

Distractibility makes test taking in a group setting much more challenging; often the student with ADHD is hyper-aware of the noises and movements of other students and may also become distracted and preoccupied as other students complete their exam early and leave the room.

Is it very difficult to get 70 percentile in CAT? ›

CAT is the toughest exam, think of it as - If you can score 70 to 80 percentile in CAT then with better preparation strategy, you will be able to secure around 90 percentile in MAT/ ATMA. Before filling the application form, check the eligibility criteria of MAT and ATMA eligibility criteria .

How hard is it to score 99.9 percentile in CAT? ›

As per the CAT Exam Analysis, getting 99 percentile in CAT or more is not easy, and it requires a good preparation strategy, hard work, and determination. The main thing is that the candidates must balance their speed and accuracy to perform well in this exam.

Does anyone get 100 percentile in CAT? ›

Meet CAT 2022 Toppers

IIM Bangalore has released the CAT 2022 Result on December 21, 2022 at 5 PM for 2.22 lakh test takers. 11 candidates all male, including 10 Engineers and 1 Non-Engineer have scored 100 percentile in CAT 2022. 44 candidates have scored 99.98 and 99.99 percentile including one female.

How many students get 100 percentile in CAT? ›

Around 2.2 lakh students appeared for the CAT 2022 exams of which 11 candidates have scored 100 percentiles.

How much do you need to score to get 99.5 percentile in CAT? ›

You must target a score of 104 (CAT raw score) to be able to enter the 99 percentile bracket.

How many students get above 99 percentile in CAT? ›

Since around 2 lakh candidates appear for CAT every year, the top 1% i.e. around 20,000 candidates get 99+ percentile score. How to score 99 percentile in CAT? For scoring 99 percentile in CAT, an attempt of around 65 - 75 questions out of 100 is recommended with high accuracy.

How hard is 60 percentile in CAT? ›

To score 60 percentile if you score above 70 marks then it will be sufficient for you to get above 60 percentile. I still recommend to work harder and aim for a high percentile because 60 percentile is not at all fruitfull.

How many students pass CAT exam? ›

There are almost 2 Lakh candidates take the exam every year and more than 5000 seats are offered by the 20 IIMs currently functioning in India.
CAT Exam Key Highlights.
Name of the examinationCommon Admission Test (CAT)
Number of candidates appearing for examNearly 2 Lakhs candidates every year
13 more rows

Is it easy to get 85 percentile in CAT? ›

If a student gets 85 percentile, then it means that 85% of the students who appeared in the CAT exam have scored less than him. Moreover, students securing 85 percentile or above suggests that they are in the top 15 percent of the total number of students who sat for the entrance exam.

What does computer based adaptive testing mean? ›

Put simply, a Computer Adaptive Test (sometimes referred to as personalised assessment) is a test which adapts to the candidate's ability in real-time by selecting different questions from the bank in order to provide a more accurate measure of their ability level on a common scale.

What are benefit of computer adaptive testing? ›

More accurate

The large collection of test items enables the computer program to select questions that are appropriate to a student's ability. Better targeting of student ability means that adaptive tests can give more accurate ability measurements, and fewer questions are required compared to traditional 'flat' tests.

What are the advantages of computer assisted testing? ›

Computer aided assessment can offer many benefits: Computer aided assessment facilitates a detailed analysis of test results with minimal effort. This can be used to identify areas within the course where the students have difficulty, thus alerting staff to the possible need to adapt their teaching.

How many test cases can you write in a day? ›

40) How many test cases can we review per day? It would be around 7 test cases we write so that we can review 7*3=21 test cases. And we can say that 25-30 test case per day.

Do I have to pass all test cases? ›

You will get that through practice. And yes it is necessary to pass all the test cases. For example take the hackerrank website where there are 100's of test cases to pass before you submit your code.

What are the three strategies for getting tests to pass? ›

Take a few deep breaths and relax tense muscle - repeat throughout the test. Read directions carefully - ask questions. Answer easier questions first - this will help calm you down.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of cat computer adaptive testing )? ›

The most obvious disadvantage is that this approach is quite inefficient. All 200 items are not necessary for all examinees; if someone were to take only the 50 most difficult items and answer 45 correctly, we can confidently assign a high score without wasting the time to administer the 150 easy questions.

What is the criticism of computer adaptive testing? ›

Another disadvantage of CAT from the test-taker's perspective is that a test-taker is not allowed to return to items already administered to change the answer, which is always possible in traditional standardized non-adaptive linear tests. The elimination of item review might increase the test-taker's anxiety.

What is the major limitation of computerized accounting system? ›

The limitations of a computerised accounting system are as follows: High cost of training. Service disruptions. Failure of systems.

Does CAT score matter? ›

If you get above 80 percentile across all three sections of the CAT 2022 exam, and over 85 percentile overall, you're eligible to be shortlisted by four of the top-six IIMs, including IIMs ABC.

Is CAT exam easy to crack? ›

It should not be just to crack CAT but to crack a 99 percentile on the first attempt. CAT is a challenging exam, but with the right study plan and enough practice, anyone can get into the top 1%.

Can you prepare for a CAT test? ›

The tests are designed to be taken without any revision or preparation so they can assess a child's potential in his or her ability to reason. CATs are not testing children's knowledge and understanding as a maths or English exam might, so they can't 'learn' how to answer the questions.

What are the disadvantages of computerized? ›

Below is a list of many of the negative impacts of using digital technology and computers and what type of problems you may personally experience.
  • Carpal tunnel and eye strain. ...
  • Too much sitting. ...
  • Short attention span and too much multitasking. ...
  • Can limit learning and create a dependency. ...
  • Potential of loss of privacy.
Jun 7, 2021

What is the downside of using computerized system? ›

One of the biggest problems with any computerized system is the potential for a system crash. A corrupt hard drive, power outages and other technical issues can result in the loss of needed data. At the least, businesses are interrupted when they are unable to access data they need.

What are three advantages of a computerized system? ›

The advantages of a computerized system include faster and more efficient record-keeping, access to real-time financial data, automated invoicing and cost savings.

What is a good BoardVitals CAT score? ›

Student Score: 60% Correct

The adaptive exam administers items that match a student's ability level, which results in about 60% probability of getting the items correct. Given that, it is typical for a student's overall percentage correct score to vary from 50% to 60%, regardless of the difficulty category.

How many questions are on the CAT ATI adaptive test? ›

The maximum number of items for both the RN and PN exam is 145 rather than 265 and 205. The total test time for both the RN and PN exam will be five hours rather than six and five, respectively.

How are computer adaptive tests scored? ›

Therefore, computer-adaptive scoring is based on both the number of correct answers provided and the difficulty of the items completed. Before the tests are administered to students, test questions are typically field-tested with representative samples of students to calibrate difficulty levels.

How many questions are on the ATI exam? ›

Subject matter, test format, and everything you should know.

The ATI TEAS exam is comprised of 170 total questions, with 209 minutes in allocated testing time.

How many questions do I need to solve in CAT? ›

The total number of questions asked in the exam is 66 from 3 exam sections: VARC, DILR, and QA. Here, we have tabulated an overview of the expected CAT Exam Pattern 2023 below. [Important Note: In 2020, the number of questions was reduced from 100 to 76, and in 2021, the number of questions was reduced from 76 to 66.

How many questions do I need to attempt in CAT? ›

For scoring 99 percentile in CAT, an attempt of around 65 - 75 questions out of 100 is recommended with high accuracy.

What is the CAT adaptive in ATI? ›

Computerized adaptive testing, or CAT for short, is the testing method that is used to administer the NCLEX. This method uses some of the best technology available today to decide which questions a candidate will see during their exam, and then to measure their competency based on their answers to those questions.

How many times can you retake ATI? ›

The average number of attempts allowed on the TEAS Exam is 3 times per year. However, the school sets that number of attempts, so it varies from school to school. Be sure to contact the school in which you are applying to understand its important deadlines and the number of attempts allowed to pass the ATI TEAS Exam.

Is it easy to get 70 percentile in CAT? ›

CAT is the toughest exam, think of it as - If you can score 70 to 80 percentile in CAT then with better preparation strategy, you will be able to secure around 90 percentile in MAT/ ATMA. Before filling the application form, check the eligibility criteria of MAT and ATMA eligibility criteria .

Is it tough to score 90 percentile in CAT? ›

A: 90 percentile is not difficult to score in CAT. A large number of students start scoring 90 percentile in mock tests by the time CAT exam nears. However, the journey from 90 to 99 percentile is tough.

Is it easy to score 95 percentile in CAT? ›

There are thousands of students applying for the CAT exam. Scoring more than 95 percentile in CAT is not so tough. The only matter is your efforts and the strategy you are using for the CAT preparation. Many top MBA colleges have the 95+ percentile of CAT cut-off to offer admission for MBA.

How many questions should I attempt in CAT to get 70 percentile? ›

How many questions to attempt in CAT?
PercentileOverall ScoreVerbal Score
1 more row

How many questions should I attempt in CAT to get 95 percentile? ›

The targeted percentile for the VARC section is 95 percentile, so any 12 questions should be attempted.

How many questions to attempt in CAT for 85 percentile? ›

Score of 30 will get you 85%ile in quants while 20 score gets you 95%ile in DILR.

Can you fail NCLEX in 145 questions? ›

Answering all 145 questions on the NCLEX-RN alone does not mean you failed the exam. However, with each correct answer you provide, the test should give you a question that becomes increasingly more difficult than the previous one.

How many questions are on the CAT quizzes on ATI? ›

The NCLEX CAT gives a different amount of questions per test depending on how you perform, with a minimum of 75 questions, and a maximum of 265.


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