Casting Crowns returns to spread the word and deliver songs from 'Healer' (2023)

When the pandemic hit and lockdown commenced, Casting Crowns vocalist Mark Hall was concerned about more than his band. Hall, 53, has been a youth pastor for more than 20 years.

“There was so much on my mind since people were going through some very heavy stuff,” Hall said while calling from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. “Our society has never been through anything like that and people were looking for answers. As a youth pastor in Atlanta I listen to people’s stories.”

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Hall’s ministry is top priority, but Casting Crowns is a significant part of his life. Hall and Christian music songwriter Matthew West co-wrote many of the songs on Casting Crowns’ latest album, “The Healer.”

The tandem crafted a number of compelling songs such as “Desert Road,” “Scars in Heaven” and “Crazy People.” The latter, a clever song, which also included Seth Mosely as a co-writer, was inspired by the life-size Noah’s Ark, which is a tourist attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky.

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“Seth said, ‘Can you imagine if you saw your neighbor building that in his yard?’ I said, “I’d think he was crazy.’ We got to talking and we knew there was a song there. When you look back at the Bible, people did a lot of things that looked like they were crazy. What this tells me is that we need more crazy people in the world.”

Hall could have been called crazy for devoting so much of his energy to Casting Crowns after he formed the contemporary Christian band in 1999. Mark Miller, the Sawyer Brown vocalist, signed Casting Crowns to his label, Beach Street Records. Miller and Christian star Stephen Curtis Chapman produced the band’s first album, which dropped in 2001. It didn’t take long for the group to taste success.

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“I can’t tell you how much I owe Stephen for what he’s done for this band,” Hall said. “It was incredible being such a fan of Stephen’s and then for him to work with me. Amazing.”

The Casting Crowns consistently churn out hits. “Voice of Truth,” “Who Am I,” Praise You in This Storm,” “If We are the Body,””Thrive” and “East to West” are just some of the band’s cuts to grace Christian radio.

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The aforementioned “Scars in Heaven” broke the global first-day streaming record for a Christian song debut on Amazon music in January.

“We’ve been incredibly blessed,” Hall said. The eldest of Hall’s four children, John Michael Hall, joined Casting Crowns as the group’s bassist last year. “It’s been wonderful having him in the band,” Hall said. “He’s sitting right next to me and he and I are just having the best time on the road.” The icing on the cake for Hall was welcoming his first grandchild, John Michael Hall’s son, into the world in 2021. “It’s been great,” Hall said. “Our grandchild has been out on the road with us and it’s just been tremendous.”

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Casting Crowns, which will perform Sunday at the Spokane Arena, is looking forward to returning to the Pacific Northwest. “It’s always been one of my favorite parts of the country,” Hall said. “It’s just beautiful there. We’ll be there soon spreading the word by playing our songs.”

The second half of “Healer” will be released soon. Each collection is comprised of seven songs. “There has never been a time in which people go through music so quickly,” Hall said. “We thought it would be best not to release everything at once. We’re giving people hope who need hope. We’re doing it through our songs and our performances.”

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Is Casting Crowns music biblical? ›

Casting Crowns is a contemporary Christian and Christian rock band started in 1999 by youth pastor Mark Hall, who serves as the band's lead vocalist, as part of a youth group at First Baptist Church in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida.
Casting Crowns
Years active1999–present
LabelsBeach Street, Reunion, Sony BMG
10 more rows

What is the story behind Casting Crowns Scars in Heaven lyrics? ›

Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall started writing the song when his maternal grandparents passed away within a year of each other. As his mom cared for her dying parents, he watched the emotional and mental toll it had on her. "My mom is a believer; she loves Jesus," he told The Christian Post.

What is the background of the song Scars in Heaven by Casting Crowns? ›

“Scars in Heaven” was co-written by frontman Mark Hall and Matthew West. Hall was inspired to write this song while watching his mom care for her parents as they passed away. “Being a pastor and walking people through loss, there is this moment when we are suddenly very aware of their absence,” shares Mark Hall.

What is the story behind broken together Casting Crowns? ›

28. "Broken Together was inspired after several conversations I had with friends on relationships," says frontman Mark Hall, who wrote the song. "Marriage is tough, and it got me thinking about how we bring a lot of fairy tales to the picture when it comes to marriage. We think, 'This is going to be perfect.

What does Casting Crowns mean in the Bible? ›

The act of laying down crowns before His throne signifies that those crowns came from the One seated on the throne. • By the grace of God we are what we are and we have what we have. •

What does it mean when God crowns you? ›

The Crown is the People of God that God has placed you in relationship with within the Body of Christ to be accountable for the benefit and growth of Their Faith. God has placed every believer in a local Body of Christ to which they are responsible to love and build up the faith of those fellow believers.

What are the 5 crowns of heaven explained? ›

Proponents of this concept interpret these passages as specifying five separate crowns, these being the Crown of Life; the Incorruptible Crown; the Crown of Righteousness; the Crown of Glory; and the Crown of Exultation.

Why did God make scars? ›

He wanted to remind us we are loved, we are not alone, and we were worth every pain and piercing. “He was pierced for our transgressions…and by his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

What is the meaning behind no more Scars In Heaven? ›

A song about hope in the midst of loss, “Scars In Heaven” offers encouragement for anyone who has lost someone they love. It's a comforting reminder that, in the end, Jesus wipes away every tear, eradicates every disease, and heals every wound.

What is the message of scars to your beautiful song? ›

In Alessia Cara's latest single "Scars to Your Beautiful," the 20-year-old singer and songwriter promotes a message of self acceptance that challenges the beautify standards we see every day.

What is the meaning of the song Made in Heaven? ›

And well-deservedly, too. Originally a solo song by Brian May Brian's biggest solo hit (in 1992, this made no. 5), this was intended for The Miracle, but lay dormant until 1995, when it was included on this album. It is, quite simply, about the pain of infidelity (as in his affair with Anita Dobson).

What does Beautiful Scars mean songs? ›

"It's about how I used to behave and treat people around me. How we all have inner demons that sometimes burst out in the world with no warning ... No one's perfect, so embrace that—and live your life as good as you possibly can!" Hear "Beautiful Scars" below.

What is the meaning of only Jesus Casting Crowns? ›


This song finds Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall musing on the idea of what he will be remembered for when his life is over. He concludes that his only true worthwhile accomplishments are those things where Jesus has been at work. Anything else will crumble into dust in the light of eternity.

What was wrong with the lead singer of Casting Crowns? ›

Yet, Mark Hall, lead singer for Casting Crowns, feared the opposite when he was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015. When he first found out, Hall did not want anyone to know that he would be battling cancer. He did not want to give others the chance to listen; he did not want to open up.

What is the story behind Casting Crowns Praise You in This Storm? ›

Lead vocalist Mark Hall says that "Praise You In This Storm" was inspired by the band's experience with a young girl, Erin Browning. The band made arrangements to meet Erin, who had performed a dance at her public school to one of the band's songs, and her family on Valentine's Day 2004 before one of their concerts.

What are the 7 crowns in the Bible? ›

In this devotional, you'll discover:•The Crown of Separation•The Crown of Protection•The Crown of Incorruptibility•The Crown of Rejoicing•The Crown of Righteousness•The Crown of Life•The Crown of Glory.

What does casting mean in the Bible? ›

I looked up the word “cast,” and here's what Webster's tells us: to cause to move or send forth by throwing, to get rid of and throw away. In the Greek, the word Paul uses is epiripsantes, which means to cast, or throw upon. Paul is instructing us to cast our cares—let go of them, throw them— upon the Lord.

Who cast their crowns in Revelation? ›

In Revelation, Saint John wrote, And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment: and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

What does crown mean in spirituality? ›

Metaphysical meaning of crown (rw) crown--That which imparts honor or splendor. Highest state or quality. The crown of eternal life is the prize to all who overcome carnal mind. Preceding Entry: Cross.

What are the symbols of crown in the Bible? ›

The Cross and Crown (a cross passing through a crown) is a Christian symbol used by various Christian denominations. It has also been used in heraldry. The emblem is often interpreted as symbolizing the reward in heaven (the crown) coming after the trials in this life (the cross) (James 1:12).

Why did Jesus have a crown? ›

Crown of Thorns, wreath of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus Christ at his crucifixion, whereby the Roman soldiers mocked his title “King of the Jews.” The relic purported to be the Crown of Thorns was transferred from Jerusalem to Constantinople by 1063.

What are the three ranks in heaven? ›

According to this vision, all people will be resurrected and, at the Final Judgment, will be assigned to one of three degrees of glory, called the celestial, terrestrial, and telestial kingdoms.

What are the four faces in heaven? ›

Cherubim are described in the Bible as having four faces: a face of an ox, a lion, an eagle and a man.

What are the 3 realms of heaven? ›

The First Heaven is the heaven (reality) we see with our natural eyes. the Second Heaven is where Satan has his throne and the fallen angels dwell (unholy dark realm). The Third Heaven is where God has His throne (celestial kingdom) and rules and reigns over the universe.

Who saw God's face? ›

Moses saw God face-to-face upon an unknown mountain sometime after he spoke to the Lord in the burning bush but before he went to free the children of Israel from Egypt (see Moses 1:1–2, 17, 25–26, 42; see also Exodus 3:1–10).

Why did God make coats of skin? ›

God's creation of the "coats of skins" can thus be seen as a sign of his superior wisdom, his recognition of his people' true needs in light of their impending expulsion from the Garden.

Why did God put a mark on cane? ›

The Hebrew word for mark ('Oth, אות‎) could mean a sign, an omen, a warning, or a remembrance. The mark of Cain is God's promise to offer Cain divine protection from premature death with the stated purpose of preventing anyone from killing him.

Is there no pain in heaven? ›

Heaven will be a place of joy, not pain.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:3-4).

What are scars of the soul? ›

An in-depth exploration of the relationship between karma and physical illnesses, based on the readings of Edgar Cayce, the famous "sleeping prophet." Scars of the Soul provides a fascinating glimpse into the origins of stroke, diabetes, anemia, arthritis, allergies, epilepsy, and many other health conditions.

What is the message in a song? ›

Songwriters like to talk about a song's message — the backstory we pick up from the lyrics. There's a common belief that the best songs are the ones that present a cogent, powerful (even if subtle) message.

What do scars remind us of? ›

Scars are reminders of the wounds we've endured. They trigger memories of the traumatic experiences we'd rather forget. We look at scars as being distastefully ugly. That's why we're driven to alter them, minimize them, or hide them.

What does the message of a song mean? ›

But finding the message within a lyric means focusing on a song's purpose for existing in the first place. And we tend to rate a song based at least partly on how powerful the message is. Different people can take different things away from the same song.

What is the meaning of songs of God? ›

The song of the Lord refers to a song that the Lord sings over you. Ephesians 5:19 calls it a spiritual song. Jesus sings His song of love over us to tell us of His great love. It is an everlasting love and His song to us and over us is everlasting.

What does it mean to let heaven and nature sing? ›

In four verses, we repeat the resounding joy of heaven and nature singing together, implying that heaven and nature are different voices. We are joined by field and floods, rocks, hills and plains echoing the sounding joy of heaven and nature singing.

Are marriages are made in heaven? ›

Meaning and explanation. This proverb, 'marriages are made in heaven', means that 'good marriages have a divine element to them'. The suggestion is that 'a marriage goes beyond human love and includes spiritual love as well.

Which singer is known for Scars to Your Beautiful? ›

"Scars to Your Beautiful" is a song recorded by Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara. Def Jam Recordings and Universal Music Group serviced it to contemporary hit radio on July 26, 2016, as the third single from her debut studio album Know-It-All (2015) on November 13, 2015.

Why is scar so attractive? ›

“Women may have rated scarring as an attractive quality for short-term relationships because they found it be a symbol of masculinity, a feature that is linked to high testosterone levels and an indicator of good genetic qualities that can be passed on to offspring,” said study author Dr.

Why are scars so beautiful? ›

The scars on your body also tell a beautiful story of how you overcame pain or the bruises that came with crazy adventures and bold attempts. They remind you of your reckless days and your sleepless nights. They remind you that eventually the wounds heal and the pain slowly fades away.

What does the Bible mean by jewels in your crown? ›

Righteousness seems to go hand in hand with being jewels in a crown and Isaiah also describes the righteousness of Jerusalem as a crown of glory. 'You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God' (Isaiah 62:3).

What does only Jesus mean? ›

Jesus Only, also called Oneness Pentecostalism or Apostolic movement, movement of believers within Pentecostalism who hold that true baptism can only be “in the name of Jesus” rather than in the name of all three persons of the Trinity.

What church is Casting Crowns from? ›

Casting Crowns is a contemporary Christian and Christian rock band started in 1999 by youth pastor Mark Hall, who serves as the band's lead vocalist, as part of a youth group at First Baptist Church in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida.

Did Mark Hall have a kidney removed? ›

“There's a place where fear has to face the God you know.” Miraculously, the cancer had not spread outside of Hall's kidney, and he's been cancer-free since having it removed that same year. “I'm good,” Hall says, still sounding a bit surprised.

Is there a movie about Casting Crowns? ›

Casting Crowns: The Altar and the Door Live.

Why is it important to praise God in the storm? ›

“When you praise God you can feel closer to Him and connected. You learn to trust Him and begin to know He is working things out for your best in a new way. Praise helps us to keep our eyes on Him and not on our self or problems.”

What is the Psalms of praise in the Storm? ›

Prayer of Praise in the Storm (Psalm 34)

I cry out and you hear me. You surround me and protect me, delivering me from my trials. May I ever sing your praises to all who will hear. Even through the storms and trials of this life, may I keep my eyes fixed on you and rejoice in your glory and majesty.

What was Jesus doing in the back of the boat before he calms the storm? ›

Biblical accounts

Jesus was asleep on a cushion in the stern, and the disciples woke him and asked, "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?" The Gospel of Mark then states that: He then rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace! Be still!" Then the wind ceased, and there was a dead calm.

What does Christianity say about metal music? ›

There is no direct answer from God about heavy metal music, but many Christians believe that it is a style of music that glorifies violence, sex, and drugs. While there are some heavy metal bands that do sing about these things, there are also many that sing about other topics such as love, hope, and faith.

What Broadway musicals are based on the Bible? ›

While Bial calls “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Godspell” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” the “the big three” of biblical Broadway, he traces the phenomenon back to the “biblical fan fiction” of “Ben-Hur” in 1899.

Does the Bible allow musical instruments? ›

Indeed, God commands the use of musical instruments in worship over and over again. Both grace and law join hands in beautifying worship with instrumentation. Scripture says, “Sing to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of a psalm, with trumpets and the sound of a horn” (Ps. 98:5-6).

What Scriptures talk about crowns? ›

The Crown of Life, also called the Martyr's Crown, is referred to in James 1:12 and Revelation 2:10; it is bestowed upon "those who persevere under trials." Jesus references this crown when he tells the Church in Smyrna to "not be afraid of what you are about to suffer...

What does God tell us about music? ›

Music is a gift of God and part of the created order.

5:13), creation is musical. “All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.” Human music-making participates in the music of creation and reflects the order, beauty, and diversity of God's creation.

What does the Bible say about making songs? ›

Ephesians 5:19 says, “singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart.” It is to him and about him that we sing! Singing has such a unique way of bringing your heart, soul, mind, and strength together to focus entirely and completely on God.

What does the Bible say about loud music? ›

In Psalm 33:3, people are commanded to sing a new song to the Lord, “with loud shouts.” Then, in Psalm 150, after calling for people to praise God with dancing and trumpets and other instruments, it adds, “Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!” Ouch!

Which book in the Bible was actually a song? ›

"Song of Solomon".

Who is the first musical in the Bible? ›

Jubal (also Yuval, Yubal or Tubal; Hebrew: יוּבָל – Yūḇāl) is a Biblical figure in Genesis 4:21 of the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament. Mentioned only once, he is sometimes regarded by Christians, particularly by medieval commentators, as the 'inventor of music'.

What is Bible music called? ›

liturgical music, also called church music, music written for performance in a religious rite of worship. The term is most commonly associated with the Christian tradition.

Can you go to heaven without being baptized? ›

While Jesus told Nicodemus, “Amen, Amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit” (John 3:5), he did not set baptism as a hindrance to salvation but just the opposite. We so often judge things by human standards, but God is not restrained by our standards.

Where in the Bible does it say no musical instruments in church? ›

Hicks goes further, calling the matter an issue of salvation and insisting instruments are the man-made practices exhorted against in Colossians 2:22-23, he said. Humming, clapping and other wordless melodious noise-making are also forbidden, he said.

What instruments are used to praise God? ›

Psalm 150 names nine types of musical instruments to be used in praise of God. While the exact translation of some of these instruments is unknown, the Jewish commentators have identified the shofar, lyre, harp, drum, organ, flute, cymbal, and trumpet.

What does the Bible say about a woman's crown? ›

Proverbs 12:4 – “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is as rottenness in his bones.”

What does the Bible say about the crown of Jesus? ›

At the end of the New Testament, Jesus Christ is revealed as the “King of kings and the Lord of lords” (Rev. 19:16), and we are told that “on his head are many crowns” (19:12 NIV). The Bible speaks about a “crown of righteousness” that the Lord will give (2 Tim.


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