Best Ignition Coils: Enhance Your Car’s Fuel Consumption (2023)

Benefits of Ignition Coils

  • No “Check Engine” light. A bad coil can cause this dashboard light to illuminate. Replacing or upgrading the coil may turn the light off.
  • More reliable starting. A worn ignition coil can prevent your engine from starting. Upgraded coils enhance starting capabilities and can help ensure your vehicle starts every time as it should without long crank times.
  • Best performance. A broken ignition coil can make your engine run rough, cough, and backfire. These symptoms are caused by cylinder misfires and fouled spark plugs from a bad coil, which leads to a loss of power.
  • Better gas mileage. When you install new ignition coils, your engine operates better. An engine that operates better operates more efficiently, which gives you more miles to the gallon.

Types of Ignition Coils

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Breaker Point-type Ignition Coil

This coil is used on a conventional breaker point-type ignition system. This system has been in use since the beginning of the 20th century. Here’s a simplified version of how it works: after electrical current flows into the coil from the battery, the distributor cam opens the points. This breaks the electrical circuit in the coil and then-current flows into the distributor cap and on to the spark plugs.

Ignition Coils Used in Electronic Ignition Systems

The design of this type of coil is very much like the conventional coil. The difference is a two- ignition coil design. This design employs a pick-up coil to signal a control module. The control module then activates the ignition coil. Some of these ignition coils are located in the distributor cap. Manufacturers used this type of coil arrangement often in the 1970s as it produced more reliable engine operation and less pollution.

Ignition Coils in Distributorless Ignition Systems

Car and truck makers started to employ these ignition coils in the 1980s. The design of the distributorless system allows for more energy to come from the coil (or coils). The configuration mounts three or more ignition coils together in a coil pack. A magnetic triggering device in the system determines the position of the crankshaft and the speed of the engine. The device puts out a signal to the ignition control module which sends a signal to the coil. Each coil fires the spark plug in one or two cylinders. This system eliminates the distributor and fault-prone ignition wires.

Top Brands


This company started in 1994 in New Jersey. It makes electronics for vehicles including automotive systems, components, and modules. At one time, it was partially owned by General Motors Corporation. Today, the company’s headquarters is in Dubin, Ireland. Check out the Delphi GN10114 Ignition Coil and the Delphi GN10571 Pencil Ignition Coil.

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Robert Bosch started this company in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. It has gone through a number of incarnations, including armament production during World War II. Today, the company produces a wide range of products that include automotive components, power tools, and home appliances. The Bosch headquarters is now in Gerlingen, Germany. Some popular items are the Bosch 9220081083 Original Equipment Ignition Coil and the Bosch 0221504470 Ignition Coil for Select BMW Cars.


Ford Motor Company launched Motorcraft in 1972 to produce original equipment and replacement parts. Today it makes parts and assemblies for Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln vehicles. Other car companies, including Mazda, use Motorcraft parts, too. In addition to parts, the company also makes oil and transmission fluid. Motorcraft as a part of the Ford Motor Company has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The Motorcraft DG-513 is a top seller.

Ignition Coil Pricing

  • $20-$50. On the lower end of this price range, you get one ignition coil. The quality is there, but this is a breaker point-type coil for older vehicles. On the upper end of the range are coils for vehicles with electronic ignition systems. Your electronic ignition system may use two of these and you might want to replace both. The package you purchase has four, six, or eight coils, depending on the number of cylinders in your engine.
  • $50-$75. These are coils for electronic or distributorless ignition systems. They fit mid-quality cars and trucks like Ford, Nissan, and Toyota with four, six, or eight cylinders.
  • $75-$140. The coils in this range are for distributorless ignition systems also, but many are for high-end cars like Lexus, Lincoln, and Infiniti.

Key Features


At their inception, manufacturers made coils with materials like paper, varnish, and asphalt or oil (for insulation). Today, manufacturers use epoxy. This eliminates any gaps in the windings that can cause problems. They also employ a diode to stop a reverse pulse that can form. Unless you’re restoring a vintage car and you want to keep everything original, it’s advisable to upgrade to more modern materials. If you are replacing a coil on an older vehicle or if you’re replacing one in a more current vehicle, seek out the best quality ignition coil made of the best materials.

Correct Coil

The coil you choose to purchase must be the correct one for your vehicle. If not, it probably won’t fit and if it does, you can damage your engine if you install it. To help you make sure the ignition coil you choose is the correct one for your car or truck, many automobile websites automatically warn you of an incorrect fit if you provide the model, make, and year of your vehicle.

Other Considerations

  • Price. It bears repeating that you don’t want to pay more for a coil that does the same job, or a better job, than a more economically-priced coil. Read the product description for information about quality versus price. The customer reviews and the answers to questions also provide great information about the quality of the coil you are getting for the price.
  • Brand Name. Brand names like Bosch, Motorcraft, and Delphi have been around for a long time for a reason—they make quality products. So usually it’s a better bet to buy a coil from a name-brand company that has a proven track record. However, if a coil you want is made by an “off” brand, and it fits, it does what it’s supposed to do, and has good reviews, these factors increase your chance of a satisfactory purchase.

Best Ignition Coil Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Best Overall

Delphi GN10328 Ignition Coil

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Delphi has constructed this coil using a winding process that controls the length of the wire between the adjacent windings. This helps prevent deterioration of wire coatings and insulation, thus giving you a better coil. The company also engineered the coil to meet OE specs.

The coil is made from superior quality wires and coatings that resist pinholes, cracks, and other problems that can lead to premature failure. The manufacturer also uses vacuum techniques for the epoxy to create fewer bubbles, therefore lessening the chances of energy “punch-through.” Delphi performs endurance tests on the coil before shipping, too.

Note, however, that there have been some reports of misfiring in cylinders after installing this coil. There have also been reports of the coil not fitting properly.

ENA designed this coil set to either match or improve on the OE coil currently in your vehicle. When installed, you can say goodbye to rough starts, inconsistent transmission shifting, misfires, and poor performance. Instead, you get top performance, better fuel economy, and no “Check Engine” lights caused by a bad coil.

You can use this coil package on various Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury engines. The coils are lightweight, easy to install, and are abrasion- and corrosion-resistant. The coils come pre-greased and are made with quality copper windings. ENA warrantees them for life.

However, some have reported that these coils wear out too early and that the quality is not very good. They do not fit on a 2003 Crown Victoria.

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Use this combo pack to upgrade or replace your OE coils. They are made of high-grade materials that make them durable and power packed even under harsh conditions. These coils provide high electrical resistance and enable a strong spark from spark plugs. They resist corrosion and abrasion, too.

This coil set fits Honda (Accord, Odyssey, Ridgeline), Acura (CL, MDX, RL, TL), and Saturn (VUE) vehicles. Model years 1999 through 2011 are included—just specify when ordering.

The downsides are that several consumers have reported that the coils wear out in less than one year. Another buyer said that even though the manufacturer says the coils fit certain vehicles, such as a 2008 H onda Odyssey, they don’t.

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  • Always ensure you check fitment lists before purchasing ignition coils. Some coils may be incompatible with your car, resulting in breakage during installation. Most ignition coils come with a full list of compatible fitments.
  • Ignition coils will typically operate for about 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, to minimize inconveniences, check the status of your coils every time the check engine light comes on.
  • We suggest buying more ignition coils than you need. A pack of eight is a great choice. To be on the safe side, keep an extra set just in case they need quick replacement.
  • If possible, choose ignition coils with a longer warranty. You can always return or exchange them if they malfunction. The coils serve their purpose, and you have peace of mind.


Q: When should I replace my ignition coils?

A: When you start noticing more misfires, delayed starts, and poor fuel management, it may be time for ignition coil replacement.

Q: How do I ensure the maximum durability of my ignition coils?

A: Make sure your ignition coils are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Even your unused ignition coils need to be stored in a dry place free from excess moisture and heat.

Q: What causes misfiring?

A: When ignition coils don’t function optimally, fuel doesn't burn correctly, leading to lower revolutions per minute (RPM). You might notice intense vibrations after prolonged idling of the car.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for Best Overall, the Delphi GN10328 Ignition Coil, is engineered to meet OEM specs and is made from premium materials that provide great insulation.

For a slightly cheaper option, consider the ENA 8-Pack Ignition Coil Set.


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